Wheat Free for Health : Helped My Husband & Me

Wheat Free for Health : Helped My Husband & Me

Following a wheat free diet has helped my husband’s health, after many years of investigations. Following it with him, has helped me lose weight, and lose bloating. He has wheat sensitivity, and we found a way to help his health issue.

After many years of hospital tests, and investigations, we have found my husband is wheat sensitive. This is NOT because he is Cealiac or anything like, it is merely because he has a sensitivity to the grain.

At one point the doctors thought he might have bowel cancer. They diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), instead. Still nothing worked for him. Then it was thought he might have diabetes, but no, the tests indicated he was a normal, healthy middle-aged man. Still he suffered dizzy spells after eating cereal, we put it down to sugar, and used honey instead. Then sweetner, as that didn’t work. We ditched all cereals, and had oats for breakfast. The dizzy spells eased but still he got the odd one or two. His gut still became aggravated, and he suffered severe bloating and headaches.

After a while, I took it into my own hands to do some research. We are both qualified medical folk, and had gone down every road we could possibly imagine. I decided to eliminate bread from our diet. I say our because I wanted to support him, and not to eat things he could not have while I carried out my experiment. I gave him scrambled egg for breakfast with no toast. No dizzy spells. Days later, I gave him toast. Dizzy spells arrived within half hour of eating. I gave him porridge oats. No dizzy spells, yet on occassion he would have a mild spell. It turns out that some oats can be contaminated by wheat, so we purchased some that have been grown, and produced away from wheat. No more dizzy spells.

I purchased gluten – free flour and baked a pathetic looking loaf of bread. He ate it with no dizzy spells. I baked a pizza, again, no side effects. During this time I noticed I did not feel bloated. DH said the same. We swapped to gluten free pasta, and found our digestive systems prefered that type, and again, no bloating. We live in a country where we can only get a few gluten free items, and no wheat free products have been found yet. I have found a rye bread with only 5% wheat, and that helps when we want a sandwich, and have no homebaked bread. During the time we have cut back on wheat, I have lost weight, and the bloated area under my bust has gone. 

We will continue our wheat-free diet, as the benefits are proving to make our lives more comfortable. Our health is good, and 95% of the symptoms DH has suffered for over 30 years, have gone. Now we know the answer, we can be more diligent with what we purchase and eat. 

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Christine Ramsay, posted this comment on Feb 9th, 2013

I am glad you have found a cure. I have suffered from rhinitis for years and found when I cut out wheat there was a big improvement. It seems to me that wheat can be quite unhealthy for some people.

Glynis Smy, posted this comment on Feb 9th, 2013

Interesting, Christine. DH has not used his nasal spray recently, maybe that is also being helped. Yes, it is the culprit for many ailments.

crystalflower, posted this comment on Feb 13th, 2013

Useful post. Thanks.

A Bromley, posted this comment on Mar 9th, 2013

This article really fascinated me, great write and informative write. My daughter has just recently gone wheat free and is encouraging me to do the same. She says she is seeing some real health gains. Thanks for sharing this. I found it very interesting.

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